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Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) Inspections We all agree that time is money. Given the demands and limited available personnel, more than ever it's important to get the most out of any time spent fulfilling your regulatory requirements. This was BISCO's goal while creating its InspectPro™ software. BISCO solicited the input of national industry organizations, housing professionals, engineers and some of the most experienced inspectors in the business during the development phase. Everyone agreed that there is an essential need for a complete inspection package that meets multiple housing inspection requirements as well as enhances the quality, accuracy and utility of the inspection data gathered. These demands defined the goals for BISCO's InspectPro™ package. One of the many functions of InspectPro™ is the 100% UPCS Inspection. InspectPro™ has taken the annual inspection to the next level by clearly laying out the steps necessary to improve your housing authority's overall score. In addition to scoring, InspectPro™ provides detailed costs using R.S. Means, the industry standard for up-to-minute and localized construction and modification costing. The data is presented in a thorough report, complete with summaries, charts and graphs and all inspection data is compiled in a comprehensive database for future use. Deliverables · UPCS Inspection · Simulated REAC Scoring · Detailed Costs Using R. S. Means · Same Day Printing Of All Deficiencies · Printed Health & Safety Report · Prioritization of Deficiencies · Charts and Graphs · Electronic Deliverables · Comprehensive Database · Reports of Yearly Trends Additional Features · Capital Needs Assessment · Digital Site Photos