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Tuesday,  2 | 03 | 2010
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HQS & 100% UPCS Inspections BISCO has performed UPCS and HQS inspections for many housing authorities across the country. Over the last year BISCO has inspected over 50,000 housing authority units to these HUD regulated standards. All of BISCO's inspectors who are selected to perform HQS and UPCS inspections are drawn from a pool of 40 highly qualified, REAC Certified inspectors. Each inspector is required to go through a continuous quality control program which includes (1) a minimum of two quarterly REAC quality assurance inspections, (2) two quarterly BISCO quality control inspections and (3) a weekly visit to BISCO's secure website to update themselves to the latest changes to the UPCS and HQS protocol. BISCO utilizes specialized software that is fully HQS and UPCS compliant. All BISCO inspectors have been previously HUD Certified, are up to date with the most current PHAS/UPCS requirements and receive rigorous update training in-house. BISCO has inspected over 50,000 housing authority units to HQS & UPCS standards over the past 12 months. BISCO provides rigorous in-house training, to include: o Use of the DCD and/or handheld tablet computers o Profile creation/database management o Set up and use of software o Version update training, currently REAC 2.3 o Web updates from the REAC web site, particularly the PI-Ops Bulletins that provide clarifications to issues, which have been raised by HUD Quality Assurance inspectors. o Random field reviews during inspection process to evaluate and assist the inspector improve overall performance and accuracy. Inspector "round table discussions" to allow everyone in the organization to share updates, concerns and questions which have arisen in the last 30 days. This may occur in the office or via conference call.